Our Motto "In your light we see light"


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Physical Infrastructural facilities:
Imposing ………. Building with well furnished class rooms.

St. Joseph’s Convent Teachers’ Training Institute, abortion Camp, Belagavi ( D.Ed.)


A well Equipped Class Room

class1An excellent teacher is a great gift. It all begins and ends in your mind. Train your mind what you want to give and see the power it has to bring out the best in you.

A Well Furnished Library:

lib1“Books are the gate ways of Knowledge”
From right understanding proceeds right thoughts
From right thoughts proceeds right speech
From right speech proceeds right action
From right concentration proceeds right wisdom
From right wisdom proceeds right liberation
Art it is in Library the right wisdom is gained.
We have a spacious and well furnished library

An Attractive Science Laboratory:

lab1In this digital world a well furnished laboratory is not out of place. Here we experiment make mistakes and move ahead to mark progress.

ICT Mediation :

medi1Knowledge of Computer opens the door to a new exciting “ World of Knowledge”. Hence computer education forms an integral part of the D.Ed. course. We have a well furnished Computer Lab. with the internet facilities.


medi1A spacious and cosy hostel houses students in a loving and caring atmosphere. The living rooms are well ventilated and are equipped with a table, cupboard and other essential amenities. They have a separate study hall with an individual study table, chair and common study tables, library etc. Students are provided with hot water for bath, and pure drinking water to safeguard their heath. The atmosphere in the hostel helps the students, to regard one another with love and respect and prepares them to face the challenges of life in future.

co1 co1
Co curricular Activities like, dance fancy dress, singing, elocutions quiz, group discussions, dramatization, rangoli, flower arrangement are conducted regularly in the college and all the students are encouraged to participate in all these activities.

The college also provides facilities for Yoga and sports activities. We participate and bag many prizes in the annual sports conducted at the Inter TTI sports meet


medi1With knowledge, talent and idealism, the youth have a great potential to achieve the impossible. Yes, this is what our NSS unit is trying to achieve, through village camps and various other activities.